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North Shore Popcorn

Could your unit use some extra cash? Our Scouts sold over $1 million in popcorn last year. Of that amount, over 70% of the sale proceeds stayed local. In fact, 1/3rd of that amount went directly to the unit’s that sold to fund their programs and activities!

Popcorn enables your unit to do the things you want without having to do lots of fundraisers. The idea is to have this one fund-raiser in the fall support the entire year of Scouting. This is an officially approved council unit money-earning project that many packs and troops participate in each year. Do your sale in the fall and reap the benefits for the rest of the year.

There are two main methods to the popcorn sale – Show-n-Sell and Take Order. Each operates a bit differently, but both are great opportunities to raise significant funds for your program. Sales incentives, such as a prize program are also available for Scouts participating in either or both methods.

Here is what the most successful units did when they sold their popcorn:

  • Planned out the year ahead and set a unit budget.
  • Set sales goals for the unit and the Scouts.
  • Established Scout Accounts to help each Scout and his family with his Scouting expenses.
  • Held a unit program kickoff to tell the Scouts and parents about the great year planned.
  • Sold popcorn by various methods such as TAKE ORDER, SHOW AND SELL.
  • Scouts continued until their goal was met (usually 3 or 4 afternoons or weekend days).

Our Popcorn Supplier

Our popcorn supplier is Trails End, a division of Weaver Popcorn dedicated exclusively to supporting the popcorn sale program at Scout councils across the country. Trails End not only supplies the product, but also supports an online popcorn sale management system (“Popcorn System”) which we use within our council and also provides a variety of sales aids (most of which are downloadable).

Each year, the council contracts with Trails End to provide a product mix chosen by the council. The council also has flexibility to choose its own commission levels. Capitol Area Council has among the more generous commission plans across the country.


30% commission for everyone, or 35% if your unit opts out of prizes.

Extra 5% Commission if the Capitol Area Council sells $2 million during the 2015 season.


Scouts earn prizes based on a prize level corresponding to how much popcorn they sell. Prize levels are not cumulative (i.e. Scouts only qualify at one level). However, a Scout can receive more than one prize by choosing prizes from lower levels, as long as the total value does not exceed that for the qualifying level. For example: Tom sells $600 worth of popcorn. He may choose one prize from the $325 level or 3 prizes from the $125 level. He can not go over his level of sales. A Scout may use any combination of prizes as long as he does not go over the amount of money he raised selling popcorn.

Trail’s End Prize Program

Includes a Popcorn Patch for each Scout that sold at least 1 item. Patches must be ordered from Keller Marketing using the PRIZE TAB on the Trails-End Website.

All prize orders are due by October 31st at under the Prize Tab. To order prizes, please be sure to enter correct amounts for total unit sales and total selling scouts. Total Sales should include Show and Sell and Take Orders, plus any Online Sales through October 25th .

5% in Lieu of Prizes

This can be used to fund unit-specific incentives. If desired, this MUST be selected on the Trail’s-End Website in order to receive credit. Scouts/Units participating in this option are still eligible for the Council Prizes and patches.


A Scout is Trustworthy – Please respect the spirit of the contests.

All scouts are eligible, whether or not the unit selects the “5% in Lieu of Prizes” option

Weekly Drawings

  • $600 CLUB
  • $1500 CLUB
  • DISTRICT’S TOP SELLING UNIT (By percentage of registered Scouts)

For updates on Council Bonus Prizes, visit


Scouts who sell at least $2,500 worth of popcorn (online, face-to-face, or a combination) in any calendar year will receive 6% of their total sales invested in their own college scholarship account. That is $0.06 of every dollar they sell!

Once a Scout is enrolled, 6% of their sales each subsequent year will be added to their account. Scouts only have to hit the $2,500 minimum during the qualifying year. Additional years’ sales must be submitted to Trail’s End, using the enrollment form.

For more information, enrollment and payout forms, and account access, visit


Show-n-Sell is a way to sell popcorn without having to walk or drive all over your neighborhood! You can set up a table at one or more locations, such as in front of a store, at a church or at a community event, with the council and locations’ permission, and sell popcorn as people walk by. Your unit can pre-order popcorn typically by July and have it on hand to sell right away! This is an easy way to reach more customers and increase your unit sales!

Contact your popcorn kernel for more information.

  • Units should only sell at approved locations.
  • If you would like to have a location added please contact the Distict Executive.

Take Order Sales

Take Order is the “traditional” form of popcorn sale most Arrowhead units participate in. It works like most any other door-to-door fundraisers that kids do. Your scouts will go door-to-door asking if people want to buy their popcorn. Scouts go door-to-door in uniform to get pre-orders, and then return to drop off their popcorn and collect the money.

Many neighbors want to support Scouting. Let customers know exactly what the funds will be used for. If someone isn’t home, be sure to leave a note with your contact information or return at a different time. You may also want to email friends and relatives about buying popcorn. Popcorn will be delivered at a later date and that is when the money should be collected. The scouts will receive prizes based on the amount of sales they do.

The Popcorn Team

Each unit will have a person within the unit designated to handle all popcorn matters for that unit. The Popcorn Coordinator (aka Kernel) is the main contact person. Larger units may find it helpful to have one or more assistant coordinators or have a separate coordinators for Show-n-Sell and Take Order.

The District Coordinator (Kernel) handles all popcorn matters for the district. This person is responsible for making sure the units within the district are aware of all popcorn information and that they receive all the proper training pertaining to popcorn. There are generally one or more assistants handling key areas of the sale, forming the District Popcorn Committee.

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